Advanced Technology of the Future

The development of technology continues to grow rapidly, its innovations are also tailored to human needs to make life easier. Today, almost all daily activities depend on technology. Starting from washing clothes to cooking.

The many and growing needs of humans make scientists also create new sophisticated technologies. Sooner or later, in the future it could be that all needs can be met using the most advanced technology.

In fact, in 2023, some technologies that were previously only a concept can already be enjoyed by the public. For example, mobile phones with transparent bodies, smart shoes, and driverless cars.

Here are some rows of advanced technology in the future that might materialise.

Advanced Future Technology

Well, want to know the most advanced future technology that has been or will be realised? Check out some of the amazing technologies that were only a fantasy but are now a reality:

1. Nothing Phone

In 2022, a technology company from London made a new innovation in smartphones called Nothing Phone 1. Different from the usual smartphones, Nothing Phone has a transparent body that shows the inside of the machine and uses a frame made of recycled aluminium.

In addition, the presence of LEDs at the end of the Nothing Phone provides its own uniqueness. These LED lights are installed around the camera lens, the top right corner, the middle of the phone, and in line with the USB C port. There are more than 900 LED lights that have many functions, such as notification markers, incoming phone ringtones, and notifying that the phone is charging.

2. Smartphone with Flexible Screen

The future technology of flexible mobile phones was initiated by Samsung. Samsung developed a Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) or Super AMOLED screen that can be bent and folded.

In the future, what will become a trend is not a smartphone with a thin body, but a flexible body with a full screen that makes it easier for users to store their mobile phones.

These advanced mobile phone products can already be purchased widely, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei Mate XS and the latest generation Motorola RAZR.

2. Hologram mobile phones

Hologram is a technology that can be used for various purposes such as education, entertainment, or business. With holograms, you can see the visual of an object in 3D and immersive without having to be near the object.

An interesting project with hologram technology was once done to make the audience interact directly with holocaust survivors without being on stage.

3. Smart Sneakers

These smart shoes can detect the user’s movements from walking, running, to hiking. Later these smart shoes will send information such as distance travelled, speed, and the number of calories burned to the smartphone you are pairing.

Sophisticatedly, this smart shoe is powered by a battery that can last for 60 days.

One smart shoe product that you can now find on the market is the Nike Adapt BB.

4. Autonomous Car

Autonomous car, also known as self-driving car, is a car that can carry passengers without having to be driven by a driver. The system works with a special camera sensor that detects movement and the environment around the vehicle.

Then the image from the camera is processed with artificial intelligence to determine the direction and destination of the vehicle. You can see how cool this unmanned car is in the demo video from Tesla!

5. Hoverboard or Flying Skateboard

This isn’t the future anymore, it already exists and is being sold in the market. Self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, will be the trend of vehicles now. Hoverboard works by automatically balancing your body and navigating.

However, the actual hoverboard that is expected in the future is a skateboard-like device that is completely without wheels and can fly.

There are already a few companies working on this, and we might see it in the near future.